Vision of Milinda Moragoda



Below is the platform on which I worked as a Member of Parliament and Minister:

I stand for a political system in Sri Lanka which is free of corruption and where politicians serve all the people rather than the other way around.

I want an end to the cycle of violence and hatred.

I am working for free and fair elections where the people of Sri Lanka can vote for the Party of their choice without fear of intimidation or violence.

I want to see our institutions free from political control. A free Police, Judiciary and Elections Commission which carry out their duties professionally and without favour.

The 21st Century will be based on a knowledge economy where human resources count. This gives Sri Lanka the opportunity for a fresh start. Through my job bank, English and IT classes, I am working to help our people. I am also working towards an education system – free for all – and where our children are given the skills to go out in to the world and compete with the best.

We have the best entrepreneurs and the best brains. I want Sri Lanka to open its doors to the world, let us compete with them and make ours a strong economy

I am working to build an infrastructure with good roads to every part of the island, a modern and efficient railway system and more ports from which we can export our produce.

I am working to free our businesses of red tape and to encourage inward investment, especially where it is in partnership with Sri Lankans.

I want to see an end to the war in the north and east. Neither Sinhalese nor Tamil benefit. I am working towards a peaceful settlement to this conflict.

I am working to strengthen our traditional industries such as farming, fishing, tea and garments. But we need to bring in the new industries of a ‘knowledge economy’. That means re-training our youth in computer skills. I want to see a more flexible and responsive higher education system where ‘distance learning’ is encouraged.

In such a strong economy there will always be people who cannot compete and will lose out. I want to provide a safety net for these people in the form of a quality social services system.

Women are the most dynamic part of our society and yet their contribution is rarely recognised. I will work to see that women are given the recognition and their rightful place in our society.


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