Namal Rajapaksa with General Sarath Fonseka

Parliament member Namal Rajapaksa (L), son of Sri Lanka’s President Mahinda Rajapaksa, shakes hands with former army chief and parliamentarian General Sarath Fonseka (R) after a presentation at parliament of the current budget in Colombo June 29, 2010. Sri Lanka’s Deputy Finance Minister Sarath Amunugama told parliament in his budget presentation on Tuesday the government planned to boost efficiency and revenue from state enterprises, to help keep public investment at 6-7 percent of GDP. Sri Lanka estimated the total expenditure to be 1.28 trillion rupees ($11.27 billion) in the 2010 budget, the first since the end of a quarter-century war with the Tamil Tiger separatists last year.

6 thoughts to “Namal Rajapaksa with General Sarath Fonseka”

  1. My mother is a very big politication. Very power full. Sarath stoped all the wars in Sri Lanka. He is a great man.

  2. Oh Sarath, when I see you, I forget the world and my Malwenna. You are so beautiful.

  3. Hope Sarath will come out of problems soon and do politication soon like my mother.

  4. Namal you are so beautiful like my Malwenna. I like you so much. Perhaps you must be knowing my mohter. She is very famous for politics. We are from Galle Fort.

  5. You will be the next president of sri lanka. I like you so much. like to meet you soon.

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